Laurenz Grote

Student of Computer Science currently based in Aachen, Germany. I'm mostly interested in Networking and DevOps / SRE / Production Engineering. Isn't it pure magic when code from the developers' notebook gets automatically deployed to 25 datacenters on 7 continents?

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IM Video Calls Performance Study

Have you ever wondered how novel (mobile) Instant Messaging Video Conferencing applications such as Signal, WhatsApp or Telegram select their sending rate amidst varying network conditions and congestion? In 2022, I conducted measurements at the COMSYS chair of Aachen University. We presented the results at TMA 2023 in Naples. Here, you may find the conference paper and the associated data and software repository.

Paper Measurements


Notenstreicher is a utility to decide which grades to cancel from your final GPA in the context of the Streichregel of the Computer Science B.Sc. programme of RWTH Aachen University. Just enter your grades into the React Web App and the Golang kernel will tell you the optimal grade cancellation.

Golang React WebAssembly

Generic Hairdresser

Template for the website of e.g. a hairdressing salon. Built as a pre-rendered SPA with Gatsby. In production here.

React Gatsby

Processwire Backup Agent

I worked as a full-stack contractor for small businesses for quite some time. I often used Processwire as the CMS. Later, I developed a backup agent saving to AWS S3 for my web pages.

Bash AWS Cloud

Bundeswettbewerbe Informatik

Back in high school, I took part in the German federal programming competition several times. Every submission contains runnable code (mostly Java) as well as some documentation (started with .docx, graduated to LaTeX later).

LaTeX Java